Basics of Photography

Basics of Photography

Everything you need to get started with photography | taught by Art of Visuals
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About the Instructor

Chris is a portrait photographer based out of Honolulu.

This video is all about levitation photography. And unlike other tutorials. This isnʼt photoshop heavy. Instead, I focus on the the in camera and on location techniques to make your job in post and on set as effortless as possible.

Introducing the basics of photography!

Course description

Got Your Fancy $1500 DSLR. But Don't Have Time To Read The Manual...?

Instead, Would You Rather Take Photos Like a PRO? (Without feeling lost or overwhelmed!) We've heard your cry...manuals are overwhelming, confusing and just don't give you that 'I did it!" factor, do they?

What if you had a behind the scenes tutorial on ANY and all shots you wanted to learn how to make? And what if it was all organized in a database you could search at will--whenever you wanted to learn a new skill or technique?

It's not fantasy-and some of the sharpest new photographers are using this database for killer results.

Here's the deal...If you've wanted to get amazing shots while feeling excited, creative and confident don't spend your valuable time reading dull, technical nonsense, become a part of the worlds fastest growing creative movement.

This AOV Academy is for YOU.

We’re always adding new material - check back often!

Course Contents

10 Videos
1 Survey
1.0 hr

Course Curriculum

What is Iso?
What is shutter speed?
Understanding white balance
Auto focus modes and how they work
Basics of composition
What is image sensor?
Metering and how it works
Memory cards
Camera lens for beginners