Photography Composition Tutorial

Photography Composite Tutorial

The ultimate step by step guide to creating stunning composites | taught by Kyle Kerr
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Kyle  Kerr
Kyle Kerr
Art Of Visuals Creative Visionary

About the Instructor

Kyle Kerr (@kylekerr) is the master of digital art. He is well known in the Instagram community for his composites and the work he does for Art Of Visuals. 

Introducing Kyle Kerr's Photography Composite Tutorial

Course description

This is much more than a simple "how-to" video. Kyle literally gives you all the pieces you need to recreate one of his famous images. Kyle walks us through the process step by step, providing all of the layers you need to recreate his image. The introduction of the video is free and gives an in-depth description of the class. Don't miss out! There is nothing else like this tutorial online. 

Course Contents

4 Videos
1 Survey
1 Download
1.0 hr